Williamsburg Village Civic Association is a voluntary neighborhood association focused on the Williamsburg Village Community in Olney, Maryland. Attendance to the meetings is welcome to any member of Williamsburg Village. The Association addresses issues of concern to the community and sponsors community events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, July 4th parade, and Christmas visits from Santa. We always need volunteers for our events, if you would like to lend a hand please contact volunteer@williamsburgvillage.org.

The Boundaries of Williamsburg Village

The Williamsburg Village Civic Association (WVCA) receives many inquiries from homeowners and real estate agents requesting information on dues, covenants, and so forth about houses which are not a part of Williamsburg Village. After an exhaustive search of land records, Home Owner Association (HOA) sites, plats, and Civic and HOA boundaries on the website https://mcatlas.org/viewer/, a map has been created that shows the boundaries of Williamsburg Village and also labels most of the surrounding neighborhoods.

If you belong to any HOA, you are NOT part of Williamsburg Village. You probably have dues and covenants that apply to you. Williamsburg Village DOES NOT have an HOA. We have a voluntary civic association. We do not have mandatory dues, although we do request an annual voluntary contribution of $25 to support events like the Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July parade, Santa visits, and our membership in GOCA, the Greater Olney Civic Association.

We may have had neighborhood covenants at some time, but they have not been enforced since at least the 1970's. HOWEVER, if you fall outside of the yellow lines on the map, you MAY be subject to mandatory dues or covenants in another association. If you are unsure, you should check your original home purchase contract.

The confusion about who actually lives in Williamsburg Village seems to stem from the fact that some property tax records and some land record plats incorrectly identify homes as part of Williamsburg Village, when, in fact, they are other neighborhoods that were built on land which, though originally recorded as Williamsburg Village, was later sold to other builders who never properly recorded their newly built subdivisions.

A former Chief of Subdivision Development for Montgomery County for many years had this to say "A builder typically purchases recorded lots to build a subdivision from a developer. The lots could have been recorded under a different name than the subdivision name. In an ideal world, the new lots would have been a part of Williamsburg Village. However, this is not an uncommon practice but it is unusual. In this case, the developer chose to build out the lots recorded under the name of Williamsburg Village under a different name, Olney Crossing. Usually, the plat name would be changed prior to the plats going to record. There is a period of time between the development plan approval and recordation of three years. In that span of time, typically correction plats would be filed to change the name to the latter subdivision name, Olney Crossing. Apparently, that never occurred. So, to answer your question, the lots in Olney Crossing are not part of Williamsburg Village, even though they are recorded that way. The Declarations made on behalf of the Owner of the lots did not inure to the benefits of Williamsburg Village on purpose. WVCA is not an HOA and HOAs have a different standing than a civic association, as defined by the re order declarations. There are some other lots that are recorded as Williamsburg Village that are contiguous to our subdivision but not a part of it."

There is one caveat to this map. There were some discussions in the mid to late 80's, or perhaps even as late as the early 90's, concerning the possibility of annexing a few homes that were built between Olney Crossing and Williamsburg Village, but not associated with either neighborhood. However, it is not known if that was ever decided upon. The WVCA will continue to research this issue to see if there is any information located in the WVCA historical records that we maintain. However, we have not found any evidence that those houses were, in fact, annexed into the neighborhood, so at this point, we have not included them on the map. However, if we are able to determine that they were annexed, they will be added in the future.

The Boundaries of Williamsburg Village



Meetings are held quarterly - at 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria/All-Purpose Room of Olney Elementary School.

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Easter Egg Hunt

Rain or Shine!
The hunt begins PROMPTLY at 11:00 AM.
To participate, please provide one dozen, treat-filled, plastic Easter eggs for each child who will be participating.

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4th of July

Register for July 4th Parade!
The Parade will start from the corner of Queen Mary and King William at 10 am.

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Santa Visits

Schedule a home visit from Santa.
Please consider helping out with this very popular activity when the time comes this year.

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